In addition to my career with Texaco/Shell, which included various finance, accounting, marketing and sales positions, I have had a passion for real estate all my adult life.

I have bought, sold and owned numerous single family rentals and have held a Texas real estate license for 18 years.

Therefore, the idea of investing in real estate was not new to me; however the concept of being able to own real estate as an investment within my IRA was a new concept.

So like a good Analyst, I researched the topic fairly extensively and landed on the conclusion that owning real estate within my IRA was something I wanted to do. I was very uncomfortable having all of my money in my IRA tied to the stock market. I did not like the risk or the volatility.


While doing research, I found that information related to owning real estate within an IRA was somewhat limited. In fact, most people in my sphere of influence had never even heard of it.  Over the years, I found that there were many others that were also very interested in the concept.

It wasn’t long before I was sharing my knowledge and coaching friends through the process of owning real estate within their IRA as well.  This is how my NICHE BUSINESS WAS BORN… “Connie Regier IRA Realtor”.

It is now with GREAT pleasure that I offer my professional real estate services to you along with a willingness to share my personal experience regarding owning real estate within an IRA.

What I love most about this investment option is one day in the future, I can choose to take a monthly distribution equal to my rental revenue less expenses, and know that my investment principal will stay untouched and ideally will continue to appreciate. I will not be eating the goose that laid the golden egg.

Member – Austin Board of Realtors, Texas Association of Realtors


Specializing in residential real estate for investment growth within your self-directed IRA and in listing single-family residences.  As a former corporate accountant and personally owning and managing residential rentals, in addition to years of realtor experience, Connie is uniquely equipped to guide you through all aspects of the real estate process.

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